Unedited Recordings – August 2019

Day 1: Stress Relief & Deep Sleep

In this opening fundamentals session you’ll learn all about your body’s energy channels, centers and chakras. Next we start by clearing blocks, stagnation and disruptions. Then we move into calming methods to relieve stress and tap deep relaxation – INCLUDING more restful and restorative sleep. 

In this training session we also dive into:

👉 What Energy blocks are are why it’s SO important to clear them (for your physical and emotional health).

👉 Fast acting techniques that clear toxic energy blocks; and how to maintain a healthy energy flow over the long-term.

👉  How to quickly dissipate stagnant energy in the evening that causes sleep issues… and how to do “hook ups” so you sleep like a baby.


Day 2: Rejuvenation & Super Healing

In today’s session, we focus on really amplifying your energy level and diving deeper into core energy fundamentals. This session will help you increase your healing potential and develop a stronger immune system.

In this training session we dive into:

👉 We really dive into super healing in this session – talking a full body rejuvenation.

👉 NOW that we’ve covered the energy fundamentals it’s time to further clear blocks, align energy centers and open chakras!

👉 PLUS we’ll start fixing poor breathing habits that create stagnant Chi that leads to problems in the body!


Day 3: Pain Relief & Joint Mobility

This session is all about greater freedom in mobility – whether from stiffness or pain there are things you can do to get relief from the pain and increase your mobility and flexibility.  You don’t have to accept the suggestion, “You’re just getting old.” This session is all about ageless mobility and pain free living.

In this training session we dive into:

👉 Clearing Issues from the Tissues

👉 Unwinding tension from your muscles

👉 Releasing stiffness and pain from your joints

👉 Gentle neck and shoulder mobility techniques

👉 Sitting and standing Lower back exercises

—> This training is a crowd favorite!


Day 4: Inner Guidance & Inner Peace

In this session, we dive deep into sitting meditation. You’ll be going beyond the body and releasing resistance with ‘No-Mind’ meditation. This is exactly what you need to clear any negative emotions, frustrations or even feeling burnt-out from stress!

In this training session we dive into:

👉 Full body breathing (so you can absorb massive amounts of CHI)

👉 Standing postures that activate DEEP meditation

👉 A sacred “sound” technique to open the 3rd eye

👉 A 5 step method to activate the “No-Mind” state

👉 The “Microcosmic Orbit Flow” (the sitting version)

—> This meditation training is profound!


Day 5: The S.A.T.O.R.I. Mind-Body-One Map

This is the session where we peel back the cover and let you see what’s at the root of all this.  It’s all about the SATORI Mind-Body Map. This will show you why it all works and why similar things in the past that you’ve tried didn’t.

This training session will CHANGE YOUR LIVE FOREVER!

We know that’s a BIG BOLD statement but just wait and see. We’re sharing our entire “Energy Mapping Method” with you!

You’ll be shown (and given) our S.A.T.O.R.I. Mind-Body Map! The MAP seamlessly brings all of the moving pieces of personal development and spiritual growth together into perfect harmony and flow – giving you a way to energetically navigate your life from this day forward.


(BONUS) Day 6: Chi Ball Training

In this BONUS training we focus on the beauty and magic of working with your Chi. Through the simple guided exercise of creating a hot tingling Chi Ball, you’ll feel your energy in a way that you’ve never experienced before.  Tristan and Sabrina also share about The Mystical Orbit – this is one you don’t want to miss! 

On this BONUS training session you’ll learn:

👉 How to create a hot Chi Ball between your hands 

👉 How to use it to ward off illness and heal yourself, pets & others!

👉 A sacred technique for healing relationships, creating partnerships, and energetically helping others.