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This is where you’ll find the replays of your new Momentum Masterclasses each month along with a link to any Facebook session follow-ups for that particular topic. 

Boosting Your Visibility

In this Masterclass, you’ll learn one of the most important things you can master as you market your services online on Facebook… how to (pretty easily) get more eyeballs on your Facebook post! And more eyeballs means more clients!  (update: Here is a link to the Q&A Lab followup to this topic.)

DIY Membership Sites (Using FREE Facebook Groups)

In this Masterclass, you’ll learn how to use a FREE Facebook Group as a ‘membership’ site so you can offer and deliver your evergreen program$ and course$!  (update: Here is a link to the Q&A Lab followup to this topic.)


In this Masterclass you’ll discover how to create a connection with a new prospect in your Facebook group using “THE 4 EMAILS YOU NEED TO WRITE AND SEND WHEN PEOPLE JOIN YOUR FACEBOOK GROUP”.

You’ll also learn how to use “old” content in an email indoctrination sequence as well as how to add photos with ‘hot’ links into an email (we demonstrate this technique in gmail).

There’s lots of other goodies, including our confession to doing our own customer support on Sundays! LOL and Tristan gave a weird tip to those of you running out of toilet paper!)

*Here’s the link to the doc we shared at the end of the session. REMEMBER, it’s the thought-process behind this training that’s the most valuable takeaway!